HEJE Overview: 7-26-17

Quote of the Day

We’re the only species without full employment, and never has [been] so much work [been] needed to be done. Regenerative development is development, whether it’s on an urban, transportation, housing, marine agriculture, or health level. It’s development that actually heals the future as opposed to stealing from it, which is what we’re doing today, and we’re calling that GDP [Gross Domestic Product].”

–Paul Hawken, author of Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, in an interview with YaleEnvironment360 Continue reading “HEJE Overview: 7-26-17”

HEJE Overview: 7-22-17



I want to thank personally Sean Spicer,” [Anthony] Scaramucci said at the beginning of his first press conference as White House communications director. “I love the guy and I wish him well, and I hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money.”

Note: We’ll be updating Healthcare redux2 once we’ve divined what might be in it–apparently, no version will be made publicly available in advance of a vote. Continue reading “HEJE Overview: 7-22-17”

HEJE Overview 7-18-17: Justice


“They’ve reduced appropriations for public housing by 60% over the last 40 years. The Trump administration wants to reduce it even more, by another 15%, or $7 billion. Some of the programs are being eliminated altogether. The Community Development Block Grant, which provides $3 billion around the country to support community needs, is being zeroed out. It’s being eliminated. The National Housing Trust Fund, which is the only money that the federal government provides to localities to build new, low-income housing, that’s also being zeroed out, completely eliminated. The Home Program, which provides very small grants to help build and rehab housing, is being zeroed out as well. The public housing operating funds are being reduced pretty dramatically. Just in Baltimore City alone we’re going to lose about $12 million out of the 87 million that we get every year.”

–Professor Jeff Singer in a panel discussion hosted by Real News Network Baltimore Continue reading “HEJE Overview 7-18-17: Justice”

HEJE Oveview 6-24-17: Justice


Dedicated to Illinois, about to be sold down the river by its governor and legislature:

“‘Politics is the art of the possible, and he is making everything impossible.’ That was Mayor Rahm Emanuel sounding off on Gov. Bruce Rauner on Thursday after news emerged that an attempted deal involving the sale of the Thompson Center had just blown up. ‘I think he’s congenitally incapable of saying “yes”’ Emanuel said. Rauner’s people countered that it was Emanuel who hasn’t done enough to persuade Democratic party leaders to end a budget stalemate.”

–Natasha Korecki, Illinois Playbook, Politico 6-23-17

“Both sides do it”—we know, we know. But this isn’t an adult response. It isn’t even a high-school response. It’s more like a second-grade response. (For those not au courant, the governor is holding the sale of the Thompson Center hostage to budget negotiations — “If I can’t have mine, you can’t have yours”). Honestly. Continue reading “HEJE Oveview 6-24-17: Justice”

HEJE Overview 6-16-17: Justice


“The Right utilizes every possible issue — criminal justice reform, health care, school privatization, environmental protection, industry regulation, religious liberty — to advance an ideological agenda and coherent, holistic endgame. The progressive-Left sector, by contrast, has no similar endgame in mind.” [Emphasis added]

–Kay Whitlock, Political Research Associates

DSO is glad to see that PRA sees the situation this way as well—what’s happening with healthcare, the environment, justice, and education is what matters, and it’s what we’re following. Continue reading “HEJE Overview 6-16-17: Justice”

HEJE Overview 6-10-17: Justice


“It [visiting] is, to me, one of the most essential elements of rehabilitation. You can’t expect people to come out and do well on the outside without having support. But that support you can’t expect to create itself once [the incarcerated person] leaves. It has to have been maintained while they are inside.”
–Jack Beck, Director, Prison Visiting Project at the Correctional Association of New York Continue reading “HEJE Overview 6-10-17: Justice”

HEJE Overview 6-6-17


“If the climate continues to change at a rapid rate, society itself will be injured. As the glaciers melt and the oceans swell, the land will recede. Crops will die. Mosquitos will increasingly carry diseases. The Earth will be hit with massive floods, devastating heat waves and drought. Polar bears will become extinct. People will lose their lands, their homes and their lives. Indeed, life as we know it will come to an end.” –Dahr Jamail Continue reading “HEJE Overview 6-6-17”