HEJE Overview: 7-26-17

Quote of the Day

We’re the only species without full employment, and never has [been] so much work [been] needed to be done. Regenerative development is development, whether it’s on an urban, transportation, housing, marine agriculture, or health level. It’s development that actually heals the future as opposed to stealing from it, which is what we’re doing today, and we’re calling that GDP [Gross Domestic Product].”

–Paul Hawken, author of Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, in an interview with YaleEnvironment360 Continue reading “HEJE Overview: 7-26-17”

HEJE Overview 7-24-17: Education

Quote of the Day

“The ALEC report card is the direct opposite of the Network for Public Education report card, which graded states in relation to their support for public schools. ALEC’s #1 state, Arizona, received an F. ALEC’s #51 state, Nebraska, came in second in the nation.”

–Diane Ravitch

We have a problem here.

–Deedspeakout Continue reading “HEJE Overview 7-24-17: Education”

HEJE Overview 7-23-17: Healthcare


Report from Wise County, Virginia’s Remote Area Medical clinic: “Patricia McConnell was having trouble speaking around the bloody gauze in her mouth. She had just had four teeth pulled. The unemployed former manager of a McDonald’s had driven eight hours from her home in Glen Burnie, Md., to attend the clinic. ‘My teeth were hurting,’ she said. McConnell, 63 and disabled, said she had health insurance through Medicaid but no dental coverage.

So this was her dental plan: She’d save for six months to afford a motel room and gas, then wait in line in the morning heat to see a volunteer dentist.”

Deedspeakout: This should not have to be anyone’s “dental plan.” Continue reading “HEJE Overview 7-23-17: Healthcare”