HEJE Overview 10-16-17

DSO: Today we review four long-form pieces, focusing on one per area: Healthcare (Why Medicare for All means freedom); Environment (A just rebuilding in the wake of Harvey, Irma, and Maria); Justice (How Chicago gets a few of its guns); Education (The demise of Midwestern flagship Research I universities).

Selections from Jacobin (Healthcare), The Center for American Progress (Environment), ProPublica Illinois (Justice), and The Atlantic (Education).

Oh, and a bonus piece in “Health” (courtesy Mother Jones) on the opioid epidemic as it plays out on a daily basis in northeastern Ohio.

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HEJE Overview 10-14-17

Is Anybody Still Listening?

As a citizen, voter, and human being, I am writing this message to anybody who’s still listening to express my grave concern over a great many issues arising in the past few weeks/days/hours.

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HEJE Overview 10-9-17: Healthcare

 The Bleak Future of the ACA


Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) spoke to a group of high-school students near Milwaukee on Friday morning, and he heard from one student who asked, “Do you personally consider health care as a privilege or a right?” The far-right senator replied:

“I think it’s probably more of a privilege. Do you consider food a right? Do you consider clothing a right? Do you consider shelter a right? What we have as rights is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Past that point, we have the right to freedom. Past that point everything else is a limited resource that we have to use our opportunities given to us to afford those things.”

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HEJE Overview 9-22-17: Healthcare


“Everyone included. Care based on need. Lower costs. No financial barriers to care. Better outcomes. Less administrative hassle.

Are Americans all bonkers, that we continue to reject this?”

–Dr. Don McCanne, Physicians for a National Health Program

As many as 60 million uninsured. Means-testing for care. Higher costs. Endless financial barriers. Outcome = (more) federalism + massive tax cuts for the rich.  Administrative nightmare. Chaos in insurance markets.


We hoped our next Healthcare Overview could be devoted to SB 1804, Sanders’ (+16 co-sponsors’) Medicare for All bill introduced on 9-13-17.  Instead, we find ourselves examining Graham-Cassidy, the latest iteration in the AHCA/BCRA devolution of Republican initiatives to Repeal and Replace the ACA. Below the fold, coverage by category: Summaries, Opinions (both sides), and Analysis. Continue reading “HEJE Overview 9-22-17: Healthcare”

HEJE Overview 8-31-17


Houston has been a flooding calamity waiting to happen for decades. The local and state governments stubbornly have refused to prepare it for a perfectly predictable meteorological catastrophe. Between its wild west zoning practices, its lascivious and unregulated romance with the petrochemical industry, and the fundamental facts of its underlying geology, the fourth-largest city in America essentially has sprawled itself across a dry lake bed, the consequences of which, we are finding out now, include the discovery that political obstinance, like water, inevitably finds its own level.”

Charles P. Pierce on the long-term effects of Harvey Continue reading “HEJE Overview 8-31-17”

HEJE Overview 8-22-17


“At his Supreme Court confirmation hearings in March, then-Judge Neil M. Gorsuch spoke to Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) with grave sincerity, saying, ‘Senator, the independence and integrity of the judiciary is in my bones.’ To Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), he promised: ‘I do take seriously impartiality and the appearance of impartiality.’

“As the saying goes, however, actions speak louder than words.”

The new Justice’s deeds speak out, loud and clear. Continue reading “HEJE Overview 8-22-17”