HEJE Overview 7-23-17: Healthcare


Report from Wise County, Virginia’s Remote Area Medical clinic: “Patricia McConnell was having trouble speaking around the bloody gauze in her mouth. She had just had four teeth pulled. The unemployed former manager of a McDonald’s had driven eight hours from her home in Glen Burnie, Md., to attend the clinic. ‘My teeth were hurting,’ she said. McConnell, 63 and disabled, said she had health insurance through Medicaid but no dental coverage.

So this was her dental plan: She’d save for six months to afford a motel room and gas, then wait in line in the morning heat to see a volunteer dentist.”

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Coffee Break 7-20-17: Healthcare redux

We Read Senator Durbin’s Facebook Comment Threads So You Don’t Have To

The most recent Facebook posts by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL, Minority Whip) have been devoted to a single topic, the Senate’s Better (Health) Care Reconciliation Act, or BCRA. The four posts, dating to July 8, July 12, July 14 and July 19, have garnered a total of 1900-odd comments to date (July 20). [Note: Durbin has had other posts on this topic in the past six months as well; all have tended to attract the same types of comments as those we selected to highlight below.] Continue reading “Coffee Break 7-20-17: Healthcare redux”

HEJE Overview 7-18-17: Healthcare


The Senate Healthcare bill, BCRA, is DOA. Collective sigh breathed by (nearly) all.”


“If Moran, Lee, and, of course, Paul think for one moment that as the Affordable Care Act continues to go into a tailspin the public will clamor for a free-market solution, I have the Brooklyn and several other bridges to sell them, including the ‘bridge too far’ (all of them).”

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HEJE Overview 7-14-17: Healthcare


People of color make up 58 percent of Medicaid enrollees and suffer disproportionately from a range of health disorders, including asthma, diabetes, and heart disease.  Without health coverage, these families will face impossible decisions and tragic consequences.”

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HEJE Overview 7-12-17: Healthcare



While both the House and Senate bills provide unneeded tax help for wealthier people, the Republicans’ war on the poor would cause many and very severe casualties on people with greatest needs. Hopefully senators of good will call for an immediate and complete cease fire.”

–Kathleen Sibelius and Ron Pollack

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