HEJE Overview 10-16-17

DSO: Today we review four long-form pieces, focusing on one per area: Healthcare (Why Medicare for All means freedom); Environment (A just rebuilding in the wake of Harvey, Irma, and Maria); Justice (How Chicago gets a few of its guns); Education (The demise of Midwestern flagship Research I universities).

Selections from Jacobin (Healthcare), The Center for American Progress (Environment), ProPublica Illinois (Justice), and The Atlantic (Education).

Oh, and a bonus piece in “Health” (courtesy Mother Jones) on the opioid epidemic as it plays out on a daily basis in northeastern Ohio.

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HEJE Overview 10-14-17

Is Anybody Still Listening?

As a citizen, voter, and human being, I am writing this message to anybody who’s still listening to express my grave concern over a great many issues arising in the past few weeks/days/hours.

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HEJE Overview 10-11-17: Environment

Puerto Rico Three Weeks On: A Compendium

Weeks after a Category 4 hurricane made landfall in Puerto Rico, it was reported that 95 percent of residents on the island were without power, 35 percent of grocery stores were closed, 50 percent of roads needed to be cleared of debris, 86 percent of cellphone towers were not functioning, and 25 percent of shipping ports were closed.”

From Harper’s Weekly Review, by Joe Klein

The president has not yet responded to Mayor Cruz’ most recent assessment of Puerto Rico and the response from the U.S. government. The White House press pool said he was golfing at another of his properties on Saturday.” (October 8)

We stand by everything we proposed in our September 29 post, “A Progressive Shock-Doctrine for Puerto Rico“. Every. single.word.


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HEJE Overview 9-23-17: Environment


Pictures and videos don’t give you the full effect. You don’t know it until you see it in person. It’s one thing for places to be deforested or damaged, but to see places where I’d stood replaced with thin air … it’s so alien to human experience that it’s difficult for people to wrap their heads around it.”

–Vernon Halthom, Co-Director, Coal River Mountain Watch

Today’s environment overview considers: San Francisco and Oakland’s suit against five major oil producers; the health of coal country; fracking wells in Appalachia; Puerto Rico as test case of environmental justice in the wake of total destruction, and damage caused by drift of the powerful herbicide dicamba onto non-resistant soybean and other crops throughout the U.S. Continue reading “HEJE Overview 9-23-17: Environment”

HEJE Overview 9-18-17: In the Wake of Harvey and Irma


“Those elites who deny the existence of climate change are the same ones who refuse to see the pervasive inequality underlying these disasters. After all, capitalism combined with structural racism is exactly what drives inequality and environmental injustices. Vulnerable communities pay a disproportionate price for climate-related disasters, just as they do in other aspects of life.”

–Sonali Kolhatkar, “Demanding Climate Justice in Hurricanes’ Wake”

Today’s HEJE Overview looks at the health/healthcare, environmental (air, water, land), and yes, educational impacts from the two recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. Inevitably, separate topics bleed into one another, and there’s plenty of (in)justice everywhere one looks. Climate disasters serve to bring into very, very high relief the inequities in healthcare, environment, and education across the U.S. Continue reading “HEJE Overview 9-18-17: In the Wake of Harvey and Irma”

HEJE Overview 9-9-17: Environment: Hurricanes & Humans


But the fundamental issue is that South Florida is an artificial civilization, engineered and air-conditioned to insulate its residents and tourists from the realities of its natural landscape. We call animal control when alligators wander into our backyards, and it doesn’t occur to us that we’ve wandered into the alligators’ backyard.”

–Michael Grunwald, “A Requiem for Florida, the Paradise that Should Never Have Been”

Hurricanes, Environmental (In)Justice, and Climate Change

In today’s coverage, we look at the historical background of Florida’s settlement, escaping Irma, the treatment of prisoners, the poor, and the elderly during/after hurricanes, climate denialism and its consequences, and the sorts of discussions we need to start having about what can be saved and what will have to be returned to Mother Nature in the near future.

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HEJE Overview 8-29-17: Environment + Illinois Update (Ed bill, Senate vote)

First reports on imminent pollution/toxic materials waste from Texas + Illinois Update (SB 1947 goes to the Illinois Senate for a vote) Continue reading “HEJE Overview 8-29-17: Environment + Illinois Update (Ed bill, Senate vote)”