Deedspeakout is a one-person blog dedicated to the idea that we have a moral obligation to share what we have learned with others.

Following the 2016 election, I began reading non-stop each day, amassing links and forwarding them in daily messages to friends near and far.

Gradually, the idea of a blog arose, and I began to consider what areas to follow closely on a daily basis.

Deedspeakout will accordingly follow Health, Environment, Justice, and Education – HEJE – with a focus on how our lives in these areas are affected by those in power.

Each day, I survey thirty or more websites, ranging from MSM behemoths to lesser-known, specialist blogs and advocacy groups in an effort to cull significant actions – deeds, in other words – and give them voice, allowin them to speak out loud and clear.

This blog consists of words, but the words refer to deeds and their real-life consequences.

As a native Illinoisan and long-time resident of Greece, I bring the perspective of an insider-outsider to current politics informing the blog’s focus.  I’ll be exploring my home state’s problems, which in fact resemble many of those of my second home.

Deedspeakout is guided by my passion for justice, education, health care, and a sustainable environment for all persons regardless of economic class.

In these days of hostile political discourse –and deeds—on all sides, deedspeakout seeks the path of an impassioned yet dispassionate search into the truth of these subjects.

I hope readers will come to share my passion for the truth of deeds, and discover their own passion as they peruse deedspeakout’s daily HEJE Overviews, film and book reviews from a HEJE viewpoint, and occasional essays on areas of interest and concern.

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** Update: You can read our reflections after five months of DeedSpeakOut at https://deedspeakout.wordpress.com/2017/08/21/authors-note-8-21-17/

DB Kazazis – DeedSpeakOut