HEJE Overview 5-19-17


“Politics have no relation to morals.”
 –Nicolo Machiavelli

“This is not serious. This is politicking.”

–Illinois state Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon)

“Engaging in politics is a privilege that can be earned, or a service that can be purchased.
It is the responsibility of citizens in a democracy to determine whose services have been earned, and whose have been purchased.”
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Coffee Break 5-17-17

What We’re Following—and Why

Amid the unceasing chaos at the White House over the past four months, the task of curating the news sites and blogs deedspeakout surveys in an effort to provide the latest developments and their likely repercussions in Health, Environment, Justice and Education (HEJE) can be overwhelming, though not always for the reasons one might imagine. Continue reading “Coffee Break 5-17-17”

HEJE Overview 5-14-17 & 5-15-17


“In a recent exchange with constituents, Rep.  Scott Perry (R-Pa.) explained that as a man he should not be forced to pay for—either through his taxes that support programs like Medicaid or through a broader pool of insurance holders that include women—the maternity care of others now that he and his wife have decided to not have any more children.”

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HEJE Overview 5-9-17 & 5-10-17


“I think we have to talk and to read. It may well be that the only way we ever get things done is locally, and through personal connections and trying to work that way. I just don’t see any top down solution to this. But I think that we can certainly try to improve things. If everyone did that or if enough people did that on a personal level, that’s one way that this could be countered.”

–Lance Strate, talking with Sean Illing Continue reading “HEJE Overview 5-9-17 & 5-10-17”